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Yes, we pride ourselves is using only the highest grade inks and materials available. This is what has made Pinkgun.com one of the most reputable hydrographic processors in the country. Once items are printed they receive a double durable clear coat finish in either a gloss, flat, or matte finish. The clear coats used are the same that are used in the automotive industry and marine industries.

NOTE: If you have a preference other than the recommended clear coating type, please make note while at checkout or reach out to us prior the completion of your order.

We have recently added Military Grade coatings to our arsenal, for those in demand of extra protection. Meaning from beginning to end, your product is processed with military grade primer, paint and clear coats for a stronger, more rugged, noticeable and distinctive look & feel that blows away everything else on the market.

Yes, items that are printed can be re-printed without much difficulty.

Pinkgun offer plans for those who like to change things up frequently according to seasons and differencing sports. These plans are intended to provide lower costs for frequently returning customers.

  1. While our primary focus is on firearms, there are a wide variety of flat and 3-D shapes and other manufacturing materials such as plastics, metals, woods, glass, etc. that can receive printed graphics. Everything from sunglasses, to ‘under the hood’ parts can be printed with ease.

    Please inquire for pricing and other related inquiries.

Pinkgun.com makes every effort to have your products decorated and shipped back to you within 1-2 weeks upon its arrival.

If this seems long, just know that under firearm shipping and receiving regulations, firearms fully assembled are ONLY shipped Express. Shipping of course is included in pricing.

Unlike our competitors, our prices are given at the time you place your order. We do not supply a large list of pricing that requires a lot of time and effort in calculating pricing. Volume orders are also priced accordingly.

Yes and No. Some patterns are transparent in nature and allow for a wide variety of colorful looks. While other patterns, branded /unbranded camouflage patterns, require specific base coloring to showcase the most vivid color and detail possible,  other Brands require us to use a standardized base tone due to licensing regulations. Call for more information.

No. Upon purchase, Pinkgun customers receive prepaid ‘return’ packaging when sending firearms to be processed. Once we receive your order it’s processed over a period of 2 days. Once completed our safe, secure and regulated return packaging is on its way. Please expect your equipment returned within 5-14 business days, depending on the size of firearm.

NOTE: You may also deliver the return package to your nearest Authorized Pinkgun Retailer for shipping and pickup purposes.