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As the name implies, a ‘handgun’ is a small pistol or revolver, designed to be shot with one hand.

A pistol is any ‘automatic’, or ‘semi-automatic’ handgun, that is fed with a ‘magazine’ of bullets. In a semi-automatic pistol (such as a Glock) every time the gun is initially charged and the trigger is depressed, the gun fires one bullet, and then it reloads itself, automatically. In fully automatic pistols (like an Uzi) the gun can fire MULTIPLE times, with one pull off the trigger, and will empty the magazine, if the shooter does not let go of the trigger before the weapon runs empty.

  1. faster reloading than most revolvers, between rounds being fired, and between magazine changes.
  2. higher capacity than most revolvers, allows for more than 6 rounds, averaging over 10, but up to 30+.
  3. lighter weight and slimmer, allow for easy carry.
  1. Despite vast improvements, semiautomatic guns can jam, and under certain circumstances (such as interfering with the slide) will jam every time.
  2. More parts than most revolvers, and more parts mean more points of possible failure.
  3. More complicated to learn and can be deadly if the operator panics, and doesn’t operate the safeties correctly.

A revolver, or ‘wheel gun’, has a cylinder, which rotates to align with the barrel, BEFORE the gun is fired.

  1. super reliable, in all conditions and situations
  2. easy to understand and operate, even in panic situations
  1. limited round capacity, with usually only 5-6 bullets
  2. overall, somewhat slower to shoot and reload, unless you are a quick draw expert