Buying A Firearm Online

By Federal law, it is illegal to ship a firearm directly to your home by mail or private carrier
Any firearm you purchase will be delivered to your local firearms retailer (a.k.a. an ‘FFL’, or ‘Federal Firearm Licensee’), and..
The purchaser (you) will need proper identification (drivers Lic) to acquire your firearm. Once completing the transfer paperwork and paying the retailer a fee between $25-50 per firearm transfer, you’ll be on your way!
Firearms shipped to Authorized Pinkgun Retailers for pickup avoid transfer fees! Signup here to help support us in acquiring Shoot Point Black as an Authorized Dealer near you 🙂


  1. Once you know the EXACT ‘make and model’ of the gun you want to buy (for example,’make: Sig Sauer, model: SP2022′) write that down.
  2. If you have a favorite local firearms retailer, you may add the note or email us with your order number with details on where you would like your delivery.   Visiting the BATF website
  3. Call the FFLs and tell them, “I would like to have a [INSERT MAKE AND MODEL HERE] shipped and transferred to me for pickup at your store. Do you accept firearms shipments from other FFLs, and if so, what is your total fee for this service? Also, can you confirm it is legal to own a [INSERT MAKE AND MODEL HERE] in my area?”
  4. Make your selection and ask this dealer to send a copy of their signed FFL to the dealer you bought your gun from, prior to shipment (which is part of their obligations as a ‘receiver’ and service provider.)