Safety Glasses Comfort Eyewear – 2 Pair, 2 Neck Cords, 2 Cases – SuperLite and SuperClear Lens Technology, Z87.1 – CE 166 Certified…

$29.99 all tax/ fees included


. . SuperClear lens technology provides an undistorted, wide field of vision to prevent eye fatigue.

. . Our Superlite technology provides lightweight comfort preventing muscle fatigue.

. . Flexible temples for a perfect fit and extreme long-wear comfort.

. . Rubberized temples keep them from slipping down your nose.

. . ComfortFit nose bridge allows our safety glasses to fit effortlessly on your nose.


Protection – Safety goggle protection from safety glasses.

. . Both the clear and the tinted glasses block UVA and UVB rays, protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

. . Our engineered IdealCurve lens and SnugFit design provide wraparound protection from above, the sides, and even from below.

. . High impact tested and certified for both ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166.

. . ISO 9001 Certified. High-quality material provides our high-quality product out.

. . Our two-level special lens coatings prevent scratching and add anti-fog protection.

ClearArmor engineered to comfortably save your eyes.



What is the Secret to Saving Your Eyes?

. . Wearing the Right Safety Glasses can actually save you and your eyes from severe pain and serious damage.

Why our Safety Glasses?

Comfort – forget you’re even wearing safety glasses. Many of our customers tell us they comfortably wear our safety glasses all day long.

Complete Package for total protection of your eyes

2 pairs of safety glasses

. . 1 Clear for indoors

. . 1 Tinted for outdoors

2 Neck cords – keeps your eye protection handy so you will use them when you need them.

2 cases (microfiber) – Protect your lenses when not in use.

. . 1 Gray for the clear pair

. . 1 Black for the tinted pair