Which Firearms Blog is Best for You ?

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15 Of The Best Gun Blogs For Women Who Like To Shoot Estimated Read Time: 7 minutes Women shooters are the single fastest growing segment1 in the firearms industry. In fact, according to Shoot Like A Girl, a company whose goal is to increase the number of female participants in the shooting sports, participation by women […]

What’s Your Idea Shooting Environment ?

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As we prepare for our upcoming CCW instruction class, we are asking for your thoughts on where you would prefer to learn.  We currently offer a countryside ranging chickens type of view, outdoor location, and a heavily air filtrated indoor shooting range we are sourcing from Hammer Down Range. So chime in and let us […]

A Recent Post From; The Well Armed Woman

So, you’ve just bought your first gun and now it’s time to consider your training.  The choices you make for your gun training is as important as the decision to own a gun.  As with any important decision in life, it is important to do research on gun training for women ahead of time to arm […]