Range Etiquette—What You Should Know Before You Go!

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We call it “etiquette,” but the rules of public ranges are really for safety. Most new gun owners will likely visit a public or commercial range to shoot for the first time. Often this is a trip to test-fire guns to see what guns they prefer before they purchase. This is a common practice, as most public […]

Video: Ultimate Technique to Rack a Semi-Auto’s Slide

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  We’ve all seen it or even experienced it: the awkward manipulation of what feels like an impossible-to-operate semi-automatic pistol slide. No matter how committed you are to grasping, twisting, and yanking the slide, even as you grimace and grunt until your arms shake and sweat is running down your brow, you may end up […]

On The Range: Mars vs Venus

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Story and photographs by Tatiana Whitlock When it comes to who is the better shooter and why, men or women, the iconic Irving Berlin duet from Annie Get Your Gun immediately springs to mind. “Anything you can do I can do better! I can do anything better than you” is sung while Annie Oakley and Frank […]

Locking Back the Slide Tips


  One of the most discouraging experiences for shooters new to the semi-automatic pistol platform, or shooters with small hands—categories that include many women—is the inability to easily lock back the slide. In fact, it’s an action that has defeated many an otherwise competent shooter, often causing him or her to succumb to the notion […]

June Gun Sales Break Records, Now Let’s Break Barriers

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To say that the year 2020 has brought chaos to our doorsteps is an understatement, but the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing civil unrest has presented an unexpected opportunity for NRA Women and Second Amendment supporters everywhere. The story of why and how starts with a simple but astonishing number: 4 million. That’s how many FBI […]

4 Guys You’ll Meet at the Gun Club


Whether you’re joining a new gun club as a beginning shooter or an experienced gunsel, making the first contact with the people who’ve been part of that club for years can be intimidating—especially for women. Although female gun ownership has been on the rise for many years, the percentage of women who join gun clubs […]

Cold-Weather Concealed Carry for Women

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Carrying concealed in cold weather presents its own special set of challenges for women. Although we can rely on heavy layers and jackets to keep our holstered defensive gun hidden, those same heavy layers and jackets can make it hard to reach in an emergency. This can be even more complicated by the way the […]

Springfield Armory’s Hellcat Pistol Now in Flat Dark Earth!

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When Springfield Armory set out to build the highest-capacity micro-compact 9 mm self-defense pistol in the world, the engineering challenges were matched only by the importance of the gun’s name–the Hellcat. If you’re not familiar, “hellcat” is an archaic slur used to describe “an ill-tempered woman,” but you’re sure to be familiar with the fact […]

Firearms, Children and Safety


Guns & Your Children If you choose to keep a gun in your home, the safety of your children and the children that visit your home is your responsibility and only yours. Guns and your children is a subject you cannot avoid or postpone. If dealing with the issues of guns and children is not […]

What to Wear to the Gun Range – Proper Shooting Attire For Women

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What to Wear to the Gun Range – Proper Shooting Attire for Women The first time I was headed to the gun range it dawned on me that I needed to carefully consider my clothing. I wanted to be protected, follow the range’s clothing rules, and be comfortable in what I was wearing. In addition, […]