A Woman’s End-of-the-World Gun Guide

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The end of the world as we know it? We feel fine … with these three guns. If you’re fascinated by the fiction that focuses on “the end of the world”—and these days, who isn’t?—you’ve probably noticed a common and ominous thread in these scenarios. Whether the fictional apocalypse is due to zombies, natural disasters, […]

What I Learned From My First Year of Carrying

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Contributor: Freedom Concealed About a year ago, I started the process of obtaining a provisional concealed carry permit. Now, I realize how much that decision has changed my life, and how much I have learned over this past year. One of the biggest things I have learned since I started carrying is responsibility. When I […]

6 Terrific Pistol Targets to Boost Your Aim

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Any defensive handgun is only as good as its wielder, which is why it’s so critical to get in lots of regular marksmanship and gun-handling practice. There are two main reasons why some armed women don’t get enough range time in: First, difficulty finding a place to shoot; and second, boredom. We can provide some […]

Woman and Firearms Infographic 2019

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Women and Firearms Infographic 2019 Every year I create a survey for women gun-owners so I can find out more about these amazing women. What do we need, as a whole, from the industry? What do we need from holster manufacturers and stores? Are we older, younger, married, single? All of this information was collected […]

4 Guys You’ll Meet at the Gun Club


Whether you’re joining a new gun club as a beginning shooter or an experienced gunsel, making the first contact with the people who’ve been part of that club for years can be intimidating—especially for women. Although female gun ownership has been on the rise for many years, the percentage of women who join gun clubs […]

Springfield Armory’s Hellcat Pistol Now in Flat Dark Earth!

woman shooting springfield hellcat

When Springfield Armory set out to build the highest-capacity micro-compact 9 mm self-defense pistol in the world, the engineering challenges were matched only by the importance of the gun’s name–the Hellcat. If you’re not familiar, “hellcat” is an archaic slur used to describe “an ill-tempered woman,” but you’re sure to be familiar with the fact […]

Which Eye Is Your Dominate Eye?

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  Confused about eye dominance? Champion competitive clays shooter Jane Brown Keller, a Founding Member of the Annie Oakley Shooters, is here to help with this essential element to accurate shooting. Watch this episode to learn how you can determine if you’re left- or right-eye dominant.  

Which Firearms Blog is Best for You ?

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15 Of The Best Gun Blogs For Women Who Like To Shoot Estimated Read Time: 7 minutes Women shooters are the single fastest growing segment1 in the firearms industry. In fact, according to Shoot Like A Girl, a company whose goal is to increase the number of female participants in the shooting sports, participation by women […]

What’s Your Idea Shooting Environment ?

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As we prepare for our upcoming CCW instruction class, we are asking for your thoughts on where you would prefer to learn.  We currently offer a countryside ranging chickens type of view, outdoor location, and a heavily air filtrated indoor shooting range we are sourcing from Hammer Down Range. So chime in and let us […]