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Why Women Should Carry Concealed Weapons

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Armed and Prepared: Why Women Should Carry a Concealed Weapon

Gun violence is a pressing issue when it comes to women’s safety. According to statistics, women are 11 times more likely to be attacked with a firearm than men in the US. In this threatening and turbulent environment, carrying a concealed weapon can be hugely advantageous for women.


Greater Security

The most common reason for a person to carry a concealed weapon is for their own safety. Safety is an even bigger concern for women as they are the biggest victims of gendered robberies and domestic violence. In fact, in 2016, over 1,800 women were murdered by men, with guns being the most common weapon of murder.

It isn’t surprising, then, that more and more women are inclined towards owning a concealed weapon permit for their safety. Doing so provides them with a sense of increased security as they have the means to protect themselves in the event of an attack or assault. According to one study, assault victims who use a gun are less likely to be physically injured than those who don’t possess one, making concealed weapons a preferred choice of self-defense.

More Confidence

You’re more likely to feel assured and confident about going out alone at night or traveling in an unsafe area if you’re carrying a concealed weapon with you. When you feel safer and more comfortable in your surroundings regardless of the time and location, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and be productive.

For instance, if your work requires you to travel extensively to certain unsafe areas or at odd times, you’ll feel a lot better if you have a tool to protect yourself. This will allow you to concentrate on your job rather than worrying yourself sick imagining all the “what-if” scenarios.

Carrying a concealed weapon is also empowering. It allows you to feel confident in your own skill and ability and fills you with a feeling of pride knowing that you can protect yourself and don’t have to fall into the damsel-in-distress trope.


High Situational Awareness

Carrying a concealed weapon comes with a lot of responsibility and precautions that only heighten your situational awareness. You’re more informed about self-defense strategies and are prepared to protect yourself in case of a threatening situation.

This also makes you more vigilant and recognizant of the different types of threats you may face in a given situation, and allows you to sharpen your tactical and combat skills. For instance, you’re likely to be more aware of exits or safety corners within public spaces and be alert of the people around you.


Need help obtaining your concealed carry permit? The Carry Academy is here to assist you! We also offer a wide range of online concealed carry courses that are affordable, easy to understand, and compliant with state laws.

Visit carry academy for more details.

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