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Woman and Firearms Infographic 2019

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Women and Firearms Infographic 2019

Every year I create a survey for women gun-owners so I can find out more about these amazing women. What do we need, as a whole, from the industry? What do we need from holster manufacturers and stores? Are we older, younger, married, single? All of this information was collected in January 2020 and has been very eye-opening! This year, I decided to make a Women and Guns Infographic for 2019 to describe my findings.

Many women ask what the survey will be used for and how anonymous is it, really? This is what your efforts do for the gun industry and women gun-owners!

Read the full results here.

I created an infographic that provides a great snapshot of who WE are. If you want to know more about women gun-owners and their behaviors in 2019, you’re in luck!

All of this great information is used to help improve and shape the firearms industry. Women have long been ignored and I am here to foster change and increase the perceived importance of women in the industry. We are mothers, wives, friends, grandmothers, and so much more. Every year I share the results of this survey with manufacturers and industry leaders to get you what you need! This Women and Guns Infographic 2019 will be a large part of this effort.

Feel free to share this infographic or download it for use on your website. If you do, please link it to www.thewellarmedwoman.com

If you’re willing to contribute your (anonymous!) information, make sure you keep an eye out for my survey next year!

women and guns infographic 2019
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Final Thoughts

I created The Women and Guns Infographic 2019 to be a simple snapshot of who women gun owners were and how they behaved in 2019. My goal in creating this resource was to help other women see that being a gun-owner is normal! You can be any age and carry anyway and feel comfortable doing so knowing that others are out there like you. The Most Popular Guns for Women 2019piece will guide gun purchases for women who are just starting their journey. Further, the HOLSTER ARTICLE will help women understand their options in carrying concealed. I hope you enjoyed this resource and share it on social media!


Source: TheWellArmedWoman.org

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Team Pinkgun

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